What People Are Saying

Scott Maxwell Ministry

We have used Jesse on several occasions to help DJ events for us.  Having seen Jesse in several different type of settings, it is clear that Jesse will adapt to the audience that he is DJing for.  He is up to date of the hottest tunes, but also makes sure to keep it clean and classy. He does an incredible job of interacting with the crowd and making sure they are having a fantastic time.  Jesse is gifted.  But what I love most about this company is his heart to serve.  Your getting more than just a great DJ, you are getting someone who is willing to serve with a servants heart!

Scott Maxwell, DIrector of Students, FBC Powder Springs

Jon Messarra Ministry

If you want a dynamic DJ that is going to lead your event with  experience, excellence and lots of fun, then I would highly recommend Jesse Pilkenton! I have seen Jesse DJ multiple events over the years and he always does a dynamic job of leading the event and playing music that everyone will enjoy!  You need a DJ that will lead and set the tempo for the event, and Jesse does that very well. I highly recommend him the next time you need a DJ and know that you will not be disappointed by his expertise and level of excitement.

Jon Messarra, Director of S.W.A.T. Ministries

Scott White Ministry

Let me tell you something... If you want an event that's fun, creative, and that people talk about for years to come, Jesse is your guy! His ministry through music, dance, and thumping fun is a great testimony how God uses all things for His glory. Jesse uses every moment of every event to point towards Jesus! I know that through his time spent with my students, walls were broken down and they were more open to the gospel at that event. I'm so thankful to have him as a resource for my camps and youth events. As your planning your next event, make Jesse and  Judah Press Entertainment part of it!

Scott White, Director of Students, Journey Community Church

Belinda Flanders Ministry

I have had the pleasure of enjoying Judah Press Entertainment at several large-scale functions over the past several years. Jesse Pilkenton is the prime definition of an entertainer. The functions I have attended have contained a wide array of ages, and, Judah Press exceeded to meet the accommodations of all. From Jesse's social and inviting demeanor, to his impeccable reading of the needs of a crowd, he never ceases to please! Jesse is not afraid to jump out into a group of people to engage them in activities, breaking the ice, ensuring an enjoyable evening for all-you will never see a wallflower at any of his engagements! I would recommend him for any function-weddings, parties, conferences, be it large scale or small-I have full confidence that Judah Press will deliver! If you are hosting an event and are in need of entertainment on a level of excellence, this is hands down the perfect fit!

Belinda Flanders, Youth Mentor

Taryn Johns

Jesse was truly a blessing to our wedding. He not only kept our entire group of wedding guests entertained throughout the night, he made sure the night was exactly how my husband and I wanted it. He also did the music for our ceremony, and it went beautifully! Jesse really poured a lot of love into our ceremony and reception, and it was very evident throughout our entire wedding day. He was very easy to work with, and even had some awesome ideas that we absolutely enjoyed (ask about The Shoe Game!). We have had so many people tell us how awesome our DJ was, and I wouldn't trust a special day like that with anyone else!

Taryn Johns, Bride

Tim and Caroline Wood

When we started planning our wedding, a couple of things didn't require any thought. One of those things was where the music for the reception would come from. We had been to weddings and events that Jesse had DJ'd for before, and it was always wonderful and fun. When we reached out to Jesse and he decided to DJ our wedding, he was always professional, prompt and up front. We always knew what to expect and meetings never really felt like 'meetings.' Anytime with Jesse is a fun time. On the wedding day, everything was a blur, but we had no worries. From the time we said 'I Do' to the time we were driving away, Jesse facilitated everything perfectly. There were no awkward transitions, no times where people were wondering 'what to do next' and EVERYBODY was having a great time! People of all ages enjoyed themselves both on and off the dance floor. In the days following our wedding, everybody commented on a few aspects of our special day that stuck out to them, specifically. One of the things that was a constant from everyone that attended was that the DJ was absolutely wonderful at bridging any kind of 'generational' gap that may have existed between guests and stewarding the direction of our reception to a place that made everyone feel like dancing and having fun. Jesse is unbelievably good at what he does, and we are honored to call him one of our most cherished friends.

Tim and Caroline Wood, married folk

Chandler and Katelyn Anderson

A wonderful business willing to go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and meet your needs. Jesse is an amazing person who is willing to get to know the couple before discussing business. His energy and love for his work is what made us fall in love with Judah Press. From the very first meeting, Jesse was all about us. He wanted to know who we were and what we were passionate about before discussing music, themes, or any details regarding the wedding. He was willing to work long distance with us, and he was always open to our ideas. Jesse gave great suggestions and ideas as to how to make our reception the best it could be. He really understood our vision and understood what we wanted. We made last minute decisions and asked for many favors, and Jesse was willing to go out of his way to make it happen, hassle free. As many brides know, the day of the wedding can bet very stressful. Judah Press was the last thing on my mind to stress about. Jesse’s energy and light-heartedness set the mood for the wedding. Every few minutes we had guests coming up to us praising us on our DJ. Many of my single friends asked for his business card for future weddings and events. My husband and I would fully recommend Judah Press Entertainment for any event- large or small.

Chandler & Katelyn Anderson, married folk

James Burgess

When planning your wedding there's the ever-present debate of DJ or band. Well, let me make that decision easy for you, if you can get Jesse as your DJ, then stop the talk and make it happen.  My wife and I live in California but as we are both from Georgia we ended up getting married at the Botanical Gardens in Georgia.  We were looking for a DJ and our wedding planner recommended Jesse and we couldn't have been happier.  We talked over Skype and immediately liked his attitude, enthusiasm and adaptability. We communicated through email a couple of times and then finally met in person the weekend of the wedding.  He did a fantastic job with the music but even more importantly he did an amazing job controlling the pace and energy of the wedding.  He knew when to switch up the pace of the music to give people a chance to rest or to get people dancing again.  Additionally, he had my wife and I play a game that we appropriately called the Shoe Game that for many people was a definite highlight of the reception.  We can honestly say that without Jesse, our wedding would not have been the success that it was and we will forever be grateful to him for making our special day so perfect.

James Burgess, Groom

Anna Day

Jesse is a fantastic and talented DJ. Patrick and I would highly recommend him over and over. He did an excellent job during the planning stages as well as the day of the wedding. I had to change a few things at the last minute because of rain and he came up with awesome ideas. Our reception was a blast! He knows how to engage the crowd and make the celebration fun for everyone. My grandmother was even impressed! The music was perfect and everyone had a great time dancing. We are so grateful for Jesse's talent in creating such a memorable day.

Anna Day, Bride

Lyndsey Copeland

We asked Jesse to DJ for our wedding reception for a variety of reasons. We knew we had guest of all ages and back grounds so we would need a variety of music to create the ultimate dance party for each of them. As a busy bride I also needed to be able to just delegate the whole responsibility of music and reception flow to Jesse and because he has been at so many weddings he knew exactly what to do. I also had a fixed budget and Jesse really worked with us to make that happen. To be honest I wish I could have paid him more for all he did! He exceeded our expectations. Post wedding we even had people come up to us and ask especially for his information becuase he was so good. Specifically, the caterers were so impressed. They said he made releasing the table and the flow of the reception great and he was just easy to work with. My husband and I were just all around greatful for his work and blessed to have such an awesome friend to leave in charge of such special part of our special day!

Lyndsey Copeland, Bride

Mike Laffey

Jesse is a rarity in the world of wedding entertainment.  He not only has an incredible heart, but he has the ability to read a crowd and pick what music will really not only get the party started, but keep the party moving.  Having Jesse as DJ my wedding reception was one of the best investments we made during the whole day.  Jesse was genuine, kind, gave great ideas and was with my wife and I during every step of planning the reception for our big day.  We heard nothing but great things from our friends and family about the flow of the evening and that really was all dependent on Jesse's skills.  I would highly recommend Jesse for, honestly, ANY event where a DJ was needed.  He's a professional and a great human being.

Mike Laffey, Groom

I have been to a lot of weddings, and more importantly a lot of wedding receptions. If you think about it, the only thing anyone ever really remembers is the reception, because most the time the wedding ceremony is only about 15 or 20 minutes long. As far as receptions go, I've seen them all. I've been to live band receptions, dj receptions, a mixture of each, and even ipod driven receptions. Out of all of these, the absolute best one I've ever been to was my own! Don't get me wrong, being the center of attention was pretty nice, but it was honestly Jesse Pilkenton of Judah Press Entertainment that made it super special. Not only did he make a playlist specific to our desires, but he also did a heck of a job MC-ing. I have never been to a wedding reception that had a dance floor as packed out as this one, and there were no lulls or an empty dance floor. He was out there dancing with us, laughing with us, and keeping it all very lively and fun! Hands down, he did the best job I've ever seen a DJ do. If you want to have a memoriable and classy reception or get together, you HAVE to hire him!

Johnathan House, Groom

Lindsey Nubern

We loved, loved, loved having Jesse DJ our wedding. Out of all of the compliments we received throughout our reception and after our wedding day, they were all about Jesse! Jesse was the piece to our wedding that left a lasting impression on our family and friends. We love to dance and have friends and family that love to dance, and Jesse definitely brought the party! In the planning process Jesse was very organized, always responded to communications quickly, provided great ideas to make our reception more personal, and was always very genuine and intentional in communicating that he was going to go to every effort to make sure he made our wedding reception the best night of our lives. And, he definitely followed through! On our wedding day, Jesse got to our reception site early and was prepared for every part of the day. He led the flow of the reception very well and in implementing his ideas he engaged our guests throughout the night. Also, he had asked for our top 10 songs we wanted to hear and songs we definitely did not want to be played and he followed through with those requests, too. His high energy, great music selection and awesome dance moves made for the best dance party of our lives! Many of our guests shared with us that our wedding reception was the best one they had ever been to and we have Jesse to thank for those high compliments. I have and will continue to recommend Jesse for my friends’ and family members’ weddings, because he does an amazing job! Thank you, Jesse, for making our wedding day better than we could have ever imagined!

Lindsey Nubern, Bride

Pilkenton birth

"Ever since I met that boy, I knew he was special. Special, I say."

Mama Pilkenton, Mother of DJ