Meet Jesse

Meet Jesse

Behind the Judah Press name is its founder, Jesse Pilkenton. Easily characterized as an outgoing, sociable, lover of life—he has been working with live crowds and loud sounds for almost 10 years. Jesse loves Jesus and is unashamed of the Gospel and what it means to his life (#116).

Combining a God-given ability to connect with people and read a crowd, emceeing and DJing has become a natural outpouring.Years ago, a close friend challenged Jesse to “bring the party” to his wedding’s reception. Within the next two weeks, five future brides called him to book his services. True story. From this simple challenge blossomed a bigger vision: Judah Press Entertainment.

Years later, Judah Press is still guided by the vision of bringing clients, of all backgrounds, quality entertainment and service. The why of what we do is the most important part of our business.

While great music selection is crucial, it is simply not enough on its own. We joyfully meet the challenge of bringing together all the customized details that make your event unique. We are experienced and enjoy sharing the wisdom that we’ve gained over the years.


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